Hullo nice peoples :o)

[name/nickname] JacquelynThe Sweet :o)
[location] Militiagan
[personal website (if applicable)] darth-google.com (i contribute much smarty-pantsness)
[favourite GW character] Enos
[favourite GW quote] Hmmmm therer so many! lemme get back to yas :o) probly the "stopped by your not home therefore your gay" :o)

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Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Enid in the red dress/red stockings/boots outfit she was wearing at the point in the film where she found out she was getting a failing grade in art/had sex with Steve Buscemi/left town?
Thank you :)
in the pink

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This ran through my mind when I saw Sin City the other day and my friend ordered popcorn w/ butter flavoring.
CUSTOMER:"Let me have plenty of butter on that."
ENID:"Ewww! Here you go...smothered in delicious yellow-chemical sludge!"